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Waldorf bbeswax crayon holder spiral Stockmar

"Artist" version for small and adult artists, color lovers, from preschool to adulthood.
Table holder for Stockmar block crayons / beeswax crayons, and also available with beeswax crayons set.

The creations are decorated with marquetry, and the crayon places are arranged in a spiral shape.
It can also be ordered with the monogram of the first name (in case of individual order the preparation time is 2-3 weeks).

The grain and color of the wood may differ slightly from those shown in the image. Each piece is made separately, by hand, so the image - not basically - can deviate from reality, no two pieces are the same.




~ 22 cm

Color natural oak
Material oak treated with natural oil
Material of marquetry walnuts, cherries, apples, larch
Motif of marquetry triskelion
This is what we meant spiral, snail, triple, celtic

Colors of the 32-piece Stockmar set:

01 Carmine red
02 Cinnabar red
03 Orange
04 Golden yellow
05 Lemon yellow
06 Light green
07 Green
08 Teal
09 Blue
10 Ultramarine blue
11 Bluish purple

12 Red-purple
13 Reddish brown
14 Tan
15 Black
16 White
17 Gray
18 Prussian blue
19 Cobalt blue
20 Ocher yellow
21 Venetian red
22 Umbrellas

23 Olive green
24 Pink
25 Gold
26 Silver
34 Pastel coral
42 Purple
43 Fiery red
44 Medium yellow
45 Leaf green
47 Indigo


In stock 1 pc
13 800 Ft
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Waldorf bbeswax crayon holder spiral Stockmar
Waldorf bbeswax crayon holder spiral Stockmar
13 800 Ft
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