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If you enrolled your children in Waldorf, or you are an anthroposophist, you can find the right gift for your class teacher, educator, or your friends and family in our Waldorf bazaar.

Our objects are born in an anthroposophical worldview, we accompany our works from birth, most of the time we make not only the raw material, but also the tools ourselves. An anthroposophical Christmas tree ornament set, for example, seeks to display spiritual motifs on your Christmas tree, and our Advent candles can accompany you to the Christmas tree.

Our Waldorf candles can be the decorations of the season table, but in a smaller place - on their own - they display the characteristics of the season table, which is why we call them season candles. Waldorf elves can appear on our candles, as can the best-known moments of classic Grimm tales.
Our Waldorf calendar shows the events of the year and the quality of the days. It’s a kind of perpetual calendar, as the events of the year are annually, just as the quality of the days of the week is repeated every week. Currently only available in Hungarian.
Our Waldorf wooden crayon holders are unique creations decorated with marquetry.
With an anthroposophical gift or a Waldorf gift, you can surprise your friends, regardless of their worldview.