Mozart Lullaby music box blue

The music box - hurdy-gurdy - is a bell playing with a metal mechanism, in which tiny metal plucked lamellas play the sounds of the melody.

The natural grain and painted color of the wood may differ slightly from what you see in the picture. Each piece is made individually, by hand, so the image may - not fundamentally - differ from reality, no two pieces are alike. Samples are sometimes placed on the roof upside down.

Listen to it!
Mechanism hand-powered

~ 63 mm x 53 mm, height ~ 38 mm

Color blue
Material wood (beech, alder), painted, lacquered
Motif Angel
that's what we thought guardian angel, beautiful dreams, sweet dreams

In stock 1 pcs
7 900 Ft
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Mozart Lullaby music box blue
Mozart Lullaby music box blue
7 900 Ft
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